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Greetings and Happy Holidays!

    This year has raced by and we're getting ready for another holiday season. When you're buying your Christmas gifts, don't forget that books make great stocking stuffers.
      Be the first to own Eagle Rising. Not only is this a mystery story as Rachael helps in the search for a lost gold mine, but it is a real love story. It is the tale of a love so deep it reaches out from death to give Rachael the will to love again. If you believe in dreams, if you believe in love, this is a story for you. Click here to order from Amazon.
       If you've ever been to Jamaica and visited Rose Hall Great House, Hearts Across Forever is a "must read" for you. If you believe in a love so strong it can be revived in another time and another place, then Hearts Across Forever is the perfect book for you. Click here to order from Amazon.
       Please let me know what you think about my novels. I'd welcome a review of my books on Amazon.
Want a personalized copy for Christmas?
     If you would like a personalized and/or autographed copy of Eagle Rising, Hearts Across Forever, Published! Now $ell It!, or Hotels to Remember,please contact me directly at Hotels to Remember is available at the special price of $35 plus $5 shipping and handling.

From "Sedona Spellbinds Visitors" - Hotels to Remember 

   "In recent years, Sedona has become known as a New Age community. Attracted by four energy vortexes located at Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Courthouse (Cathedral) Rock, New Age followers come to meditate, recharge their crystal rocks and listen to Indian voices caught up in the wind.
   "Other visitors come to see if they can witness one of the hundreds of flying saucer sightings reported in the area each year. When eerie lights are reported around midnight above Bell Rock, local residents are not surprised. Such sightings occur regularly, especially those describing a glowing blue light outlining Bell Rock."
In my new novel, Eagle Rising, you'll see how these places and events fit into the plot. Please let me know what you think.

Looking for a speaker?

Is your group looking for a speaker? I'm booking dates now for talks in 2008. I have a wide range of subjects, including marketing and promotion, creating joy through art, how to begin your book, writing your memoirs, ghosts and other paranormal elements in writing, finding exotic settings and using them to write a book, and many more topics.
Let me know your program needs, and I'll create a presentation to suit your group.

Dear Friends,
Please forward this newsletter to your friends who enjoy reading a good book. My next novel, Secrets by the Sea, will be available soon. More about it in my December newsletter.
All the best,
Mary Montague Sikes
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