Passenger to Paradise

Do you long to travel to exotic destinations?

Join author Mary Montague Sikes on her journeys to scenic locales where danger often lurks in unexpected places.
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A Passenger to Paradise Novel

Secrets by the Sea


Her enchantment with the Caribbean Islands is evident in many of the books by Mary Montague Sikes. Several years ago, she visited Antigua where the sea drew her in, and she pondered, what if a man deserted his family for the attraction of this island? What if his granddaughter, Dana Sinclair, had a secret correspondence with him through the years? What if he were searching for a rare gold coin? What if he were murdered and Dana went to the island to find out who did it? Secrets by the Sea, is the award-winning gothic novel that grew from Sikes’ imagination as she wandered in Antigua along pathways and glorious beaches sometimes made treacherous by the winds.

Secrets by the Sea
A mystery/suspense novel by Mary Montague Sikes

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Secrets by the Sea by Mary Montague Sikes


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  • Publisher: Oak Tree Publishing
  • Pub. Date: October 2007
  • ISBN-13: 9781892343116
  • 216pp




Intrigue, danger and romance, Caribbean style.

Stunned to learn that her grandfather's body had washed onto an Antigua beach, a victim of foul play, Dana Sinclair leaves immediately for the exotic place her grandmother had always called "Heartbreak Island." She moves into her grandfather's centuries-old home, Edgewood Manor which overlooks the Caribbean Sea, and begins searching for answers to the questions haunting her.

Who would want her grandfather dead? Why did the police immediately suspect Clifton Wilder, her handsome but enigmatic neighbor? Is there something to the legend of the Brasher doubloon, or it is simply an island tale?



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