Petersburg  Regional Art Center
132 N. Sycamore Street � Petersburg, Virginia 23803
Phone: (804) 733-8200, Hours: Wed-Sat 10AM-4PM.

Building  Illustration
MEZZANINE GALLERY   We open six single-artist shows in the Mezzanine Gallery every month, and there are also several studios for artists there (see the artist's directory). The shows open and close the same dates as our All Media Show downstairs. Below you will find pictures of artists currently showing in the Mezzanine Gallery.

The February Mezzanine shows are up until March 8, 2008. | Click here to see past shows from the Mezzanine Gallery.

M1 26 linear feet M2 26 linear feet M3 52 linear feet
M4 33 linear feet M5 28 linear feet M6 23 linear feet

M1 - Pat Rich, Watercolor Collage

M2 - Page Roller, Acrylic

M3 - Emma Blake with Scars, 1st place winner - The Southside Virginia Council of the Arts

M4 - John Rooney, Digital Pictures

M5 - Mary Montague Sikes, Mixed Media

M6 - David Martin, Photography

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