Dear Friends,

Wow, Look at us; in color!

This edition of Peacock Tales is our first in color and I am excited by the possibilities.

We can better show you the brilliance of the artwork we are showing, and we can also make the address panel our invitation to show openings and other events.

Our lead story (at right) is all about a great show that will open on September 11. This looks like a great collection of paintings by fifteen artists.

On page 2 is our first "Spotlight On:" article in which I will feature a different artist each newsletter. Look for future editions to showcase another of the artists we show everyday.

Finally, I hope you have had an enjoyable summer and are rested and ready to jump into. "Fall in Williamsburg"; we all know it is the best time of the year to enjoy our home town!

Best Wishes,


Autumn 2009

Visions of Guatemala:

Painting for a Cause

September 11 � October 10, 2009


his past spring Jan Ledbetter led a painting work-shop/excursion to Guatemala. Her group of twenty artists painted landscapes, people, and flora of Guate-mala. They also learned a about a project to improve the health and welfare of the Mayan Indians.

The Guatemala Stove Project was started to provide safe, environment friendly, efficient stoves for cooking and heating the huts of the Maya Indians. The stoves replace the traditional fire pits that have caused so many health problems such as eye and lung diseases and se-vere burn injuries. The stove provided by the GSP is cast of concrete with an efficient fire chamber and is vented to the outside. The fire chamber requires less fuel which will reduce the de-forestation of Guatemala. The venting of the smoke outdoors reduces the eye and lung problems that have plagued the women and children who spend so much time inside the huts. The GSP has placed thousands of stoves so far and has ambitious plans to place thousands more in the coming years.

Our show will feature fifteen of the artists (many local favorites) who traveled with Jan and have cre-ated an array of wonderful paintings. The artists have pledged a portion of their sales to be donated to the Guatemala Stove Project and the gallery will match their donation.

Visions of Guatemala

: Painting for a Cause will be on display from Sept. 11�October 10, 2009. Please plan to join us for an opening reception Friday Sept. 11 5�7pm; Refreshments will be served. This will be an opportunity to acquire some great art while doing something beneficial for the world: Now isn�t that a good idea!

At the Market

Jan Ledbetter

Cock of the Walk

Frances Jones

Spotlight on:

William Crute

W illiam Crute, a Newport News artist who creates oil and acrylic landscape paintings, says he strives to paint "Quiet art for a noisy world." His paintings are restful and soothing reflecting a love of the land.

We have represented Bill in Williamsburg for over a year and I always enjoy the public�s reaction to his work. From quiet little brooks, to soft views of barns, to a cow standing in water, they all make the viewer relax a little and sometimes smile with the pleasure of just seeing them. Crute says, "I�m just really moved by the landscape," and it shows in all his work.

When you are looking for a piece of art that will relax you after a stressful day, remember to look for a painting by William Crute: I am sure you will find that in his work.

Faculty Show at Muscarelle

September 5 - October 25, 2009

Make a note on your calendar and plan to visit The Muscarelle Museum to view the art of the College�s art faculty.

It is always good to see the talented artists that are teaching the students. They are a very talented and diverse group.

Framed Photos For Christmas Gifts

I know it is a long time until the holidays, but you can come up with some really great presents with a little planning. How about copies of some family photographs that members of you family would enjoy?

I have been quietly making restored copies of family pictures that are pretty interesting. Sometimes the pictures need a little restoring, sometimes a little color correction, but whatever they need we can make those corrections in Photoshop and then make as many prints as you need. And, of course, who better to frame your new pictures than the framer you voted "Best of Williamsburg" two years in a row?

So, we can help you create terrific Christmas gifts by making copies (restored, if necessary) and framing them beautifully in time for Christmas. See the coupon on page 4 for a special offer to encourage your early action on this great idea.

107 Colony Square, Williamsburg, VA 23185 � (757) 229 - 7644

Coastal Ranch #2 William Crute

Cooling Down William Crute

Email Newsletters

M aybe you are tired of all the mail in your box each day. Maybe you are concerned about the trees needed to print all the things you like to read. Maybe you are concerned about the cost of mailing all the things you find in your mailbox every day. Well, we can help with some of these concerns.

If you send us an email at with your email address we can send you our newsletter electronically which you can read online or print out and read whenever you want. We can turn our saving in mailing cost into something more tangible for you. How about a coupon for $10 on your next framing order or five percent discount on all framing orders for the next year?

Another benefit is that all links I put into the newsletter are "clickable" to take you directly to the site I reference in articles. So, I encourage you to let me convert you from snail mail to email newsletters and see how you like it: after all, I am not trying to lure you into Facebook.

Art Worth Seeing-Close to Home

I feel we are all guilty of going to big name museums when they have an important exhibition, and frequently ignoring the terrific collections many of them have. We have a great example of that right here in Tidewater: The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk.

Currently on display are two good exhibitions:

Art of Glass 2 is a replay of the big glass show done about ten years ago. It will be open until winter 2010 and has many great examples of contemporary glass blowing.

Norfolk and Western Railway Photographs by O. Winston Link is a look back at the railroad of mid twentieth century in photographs.

Neither might draw you to drive to Norfolk on their own, but in combination with the collection of old master, impressionist, and American paintings and their glass and photography it can be a very interesting short trip to Norfolk. It might not be a big name museum, but the Chrysler Museum in nearby Norfolk can be enjoyed in a mid-day trip that can have you home before the traffic snarls.

Autumn 2009

Museum Glass Needs Special Care

If you find your museum glass needs cleaned, just use a very soft cloth with a small amount of mild soapy water to clean the surface. The anti-reflective coating does not like ammonia cleaners and anything abrasive will damage the surface.

For most spot cleaning, we use a micro fiber cloth with no cleaner at all.

�2004 Chrysler Museum of Art

Photocopy Special

S o you read the article on page three about making Christmas gifts from family photos, and you want to know about our special: order photo copies or restorations and framing before October 15, 2009 and we will take 20% off the entire order. That�s 20% off the copies and 20% off the framing.

This is a very generous offer in this busy time in our year, and I hope you will take us up on it. I have a plenty of experience in making photocopies and restorations of old photographs, and Lori and I both have a wealth of experience in framing family pictures. It is such a natural fit for our business and our clients, I don�t know why I never offered it before.

Just bring in the accompanying coupon with you old photos and we will help you create some endearing Christmas presents.

Present this coupon before October 15, 2009 and receive a 20% discount on photocopies and framing them as gifts.


Prince George Art & Frame

107 Colony Square

Jamestown Road

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Prince George Art & Frame

107 Colony Square, Williamsburg, VA 23185 � (757) 229-7644

Presorted Standard

U.S. Postage


Williamsburg, VA

Permit No. 481

You are invited to the opening reception

Friday, September 11, 2009

5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Refreshments will be served

See page 1 of this newsletter for complete information on this exhibition.

September 11�October 10, 2009



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