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October 2010 Newsletter from Mary Montague Sikes


How I Spent My Summer Vacation


�How I Spent My Summer Vacation� is an exhibition of new art work by gallery artists at Prince George Art & Frame,107 Colony Square, 1303 Jamestown Road in Williamsburg. The show opened October 15 and will continue to November 27.


Although I completed some new art work to include in the show, I am envious of Edwin Green who paints en plein air. His oil paintings from a trip to Maine are glorious and tell the story of days spent midst luscious seascapes along the coast of that picturesque state.

William Crute has a new series of paintings very different from his landscapes I've come to recognize. His lively foliage paintings in this show are remindful of Rousseau's jungle scenes. One painting with a shadowy garden figure hovering in the background especially intrigues me.

And who wouldn't envy Fred Miller who spent two weeks in France--one of them in Paris? All the artists have a story to tell about each painting or photograph in the show.

In all, there are eleven artists in the "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" show. It's a fun show to visit and imagine what the artists saw and thought as they painted or took photographs. This exhibition that stirs the imagination runs until November 27. More info


Have a Kindle?


If you have a Kindle, I�m happy to announce that all four of my �Passenger to Paradise� books, including Night Watch, are now available in the Kindle format. Did you know that Kindle books can also be loaded to read on iPad, iPhone, iPod, PC, Blackberry, and Android? Visit for more information.


Jefferson Hotel Staircase Drama


Anyone who has ever seen the staircase at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia knows it makes a dramatic statement. For a long time, many people believed it was the staircase where a segment from Gone with the Wind was filmed. It wasn't, but that staircase was modeled after the one at the Jefferson.


Ever since I was a child visiting the Jefferson with my parents, I've been fascinated by that long, wide staircase. It's such an amazing attraction that it eventually became part of the storyline in my new book, Dangerous Hearts. Here are some of my thoughts as the story developed:


***What if a pretty young woman in the early 1900s meets a charming young prince while visiting the Jefferson

***What if he is forbidden to marry her but gives her a gorgeous diamond and emerald necklace as a symbol of their forever love?

***What if my heroine inherits the priceless necklace that once belonged to a European royal family?

***Suppose two murders are committed that may be connected to a quest for the necklace.

***Suppose my heroine is the intended victim in the latest murder.

***Suppose she is on the run and fears for her life.

***Suppose the man she is depending on is after the necklace as well.


These thoughts eventually grew into the plot of my mystery/suspense novella.


And my story is linked to the awesome staircase at the Jefferson. Dangerous Hearts is available from Amazon .



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