Mary Montague Sikes Newsletter for Late June


*** Last week of Maya Ruins Art Exhibition is coming up. Lorelle Rau did a fantastic job with hanging and lighting of this show by artist Mary Montague Sikes currently on view in Gallery One at Crossroads Art Center, 2016 Staples Mill Road in Richmond, VA. Please go by and check it out before it comes down on July 11. If you admire the Maya of Central America, this is the time to check out this exhibition of large acrylic paintings. Remember 2012 is the end of the Maya Calendar. Jungle Jeopardy, an Indiana Jones-style adventure is available at Crossroads Art Center. Crossroads is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is probably closed on July 4.

Link to �Temple of the Inscriptions�: 

Link to CBS Virginia This Morning TV Interview May 17 with Sikes:

Sikes� short story, �A Face in the Window�, is part of the short story anthology, The Corner Caf�, which will be a free e-book on Amazon again soon. Check it out

Also, please check out Monti�s blog for more information about The Corner Caf�. "A Face in the Window" by Mary Montague Sikes (an unexpected turn in a mother's search for her lost child) tugged at my heart-strings and left me wanting more � Corner Caf� Amazon review. All proceeds from this book will go to charity. 

�Dream Ship�, an experimental water media painting by Mary Montague Sikes, received a cash award for honorable mention in the June exhibition at Petersburg Regional Art Center. The show will remain on view until July 6. PRAC is open Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 What to look for:

Dangerous Hearts, a novella by novelist Mary Montague Sikes will be available in print version in October 2012.

Daddy�s Christmas Angel, a Sikes novel, is scheduled for release in October 2012

Please check out her Amazon page and like it:

Read Secrets by the Sea, then Jungle Jeopardy. Monti believes you will love both books. Please let her know what you think.

Mary Montague Sikes will present a workshop on e-Book marketing at the Virginia Writers Club Symposium, August 4 in Charlottesville. Follow her for more details as the date approaches.




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