A Rainbow for Christmas


A Rainbow for Christmas is an historical romance set in 1869. After the unexpected deaths of her brother and sister-in-law, Meg undertakes a journey alone with Eliza, her six-year-old niece. They are traveling on a wagon train from Missouri to Denver, Colorado where Meg will meet the man her father has arranged for her to marry in a deal to save the family farm. Along the way, both Meg and Eliza grow very fond of Cade Russell, the wagon master. Meg is eventually torn between honoring her promise to her father or following her heart.


Mary Montague Sikes was inspired to write this story after visiting mountain towns in Colorado with a wealth of mining history. While there, she purchased an array of books telling the stories of early settlers in the area. She was especially intrigued by a volume of diary entries made by women who crossed the prairie on wagon trains. Her book won first place for young adult fiction in the Virginia Press Women 2012 Communications Contest.


Meg, her niece and brother set out on a wagon train headed for Denver where Meg's fiance in an arranged marriage awaits. When a senseless murder claims her brother's life, Meg determines to push on. However, when she meets handsome Cade Russell, the wagon master, her conviction to enter a loveless marriage wavers. Will Meg honor her father's wishes and marry John O'Sullivan, whose dowry will save the family farm from foreclosure? Meg has difficult choices to make.

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