Notes Along the Way

May 2016


Vines of Art Showcase

On Sunday, May 1, I will participate with the New Town Gallery artists in the "Vines of Art Showcase" at Saude Creek Vineyards, located across the Pamunkey River from West Point in New Kent County. To reach the winery, travel across the bridge from West Point to Eltham Road and turn right at the traffic light. In about a mile, the road to Saude Creek will be on the right.


Wine glass for saude


My small "Monti Just for Fun" wine paintings will be featured as well as some of my books, including the "Snapshot in Time" series.










Paws for Celebration


On Saturday, May 14, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., our daughter Amy Sikes and I will share a booth at Paws for Celebration, sponsored by the Indian Rivers Humane Society (Four Paws). The event will take place at the West Point Park between 8th and 9th Streets. Amy will have Avon products and I will have some of my art and books.


In early April, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the dedication of the Four Paws volunteers. For a couple of years, I had been feeding a feral cat with matted fur that wouldn't let me near him. When Gina Fetterolf came by to pick up a donation, she noticed Fluffy Noir and insisted he needed to be trapped for shots, matted fur, etc. With great patience, Joan Coven came to our house and worked to trap poor, wild Fluffy. I was terrified for the cat and amazed at Joan's skill and compassion. After several days, Fluffy was captured, and I felt like a trader. Joan took him to the vet and then kept him overnight at her house—something she does for many cats. When she returned him, mat-shaven, he shot like a dart from the trap and flew to hide in the far bushes. I thought he might never return, so I was happy when I found him the next morning, waiting to be fed. He appears to hold no grudge for me. My thanks go out to Joan, Gina, and all the other wonderful Four Paws volunteers who have done so much for the feral cats of the area.


Please stop by our booth on May 14 to visit. Please thank the Four Paws volunteers for all they do.


Standing to Use the Computer

Have you ever gotten tired of sitting in front of your computer to work? I know I have. That's why I was so excited to discover the Varitec desk that comes completely ready to install on a table or desk of your choice.

After I complained often about wanting to be able to stand while writing, Olen got busy researching the best products. That was right before Christmas, and by Christmas day, he had ordered my stand-up desk and had it ready to install.

The problem was that I had my desk piled high with papers and books on all sides of my computer with no place to put the Varitec. I needed to do something with everything, and throwing stuff out was not an option. I decided on a new shelf unit from Lowe's, Olen, with help from our daughters, soon had the very nice new set of four shiny metal shelves installed in a corner of my writing office. I went through everything and filled the shelves in a very orderly fashion.

Seeing the big wide desktop empty and ready was an amazing experience. To my surprise, as promised, the Varitec was ready to open and set down on my desk without any extra installation steps. It has several height settings, so if I decide I want to sit, I can.

So far, I have not changed the setting that allows me to stand tall. This has done wonders for my posture. I am so pleased with the difference. (I don't work for Varitec, but I am happy to promote this wonderful desk.)





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