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Hearts Across Forever


Author and artist Mary Montague Sikes became enchanted with the Caribbean islands from the moment of her first visit there in 1980. Her novel, Hearts Across Forever, is set in Jamaica where she ran with the wild goats that amazed her by climbing trees. She recalls riding with her husband on retired polo ponies through a heavy rainstorm along the coast where the movie Papillonwith Steve McQueen was made. Although her clothes were ruined, she remembers the experience as an unforgettable adventure. When she visited Rose Hall Great House, Hearts Across Forever and the heroine, Kathryn Calder, were born. In her imagination, Sikes could "see” dancers on the portico and feel the evil presence of the "white witch.” The story of Rose Hall Great House and her photographs taken there became a part of her coffee table book, Hotels to Remember.

       Kathryn Calder is dedicated to her NY city career until an unexpected assignment to Jamaica changes the path of her life. From the moment she arrives on the exotic island, she is haunted by odd memories from a distant past. Is Flynt Kincade, the stranger she meets in an art gallery, part of that past? Kathryn senses he is, especially when dreams connecting her with Flynt grow more vivid. A visit to Rose Hall Great Plantation draws Kathryn into a scene from long ago when evil reigned in Jamaica and the white witch of Rose Hall was a part of the danger. Can a love affair from old Jamaica reach across forever and bring Kathryn and Flynt together?




       All her life, award-winning writer, artist, and photographer, Mary Montague Sikes has enjoyed stories about reincarnation and related topics. Her interests and her love of romance are combined in Hearts Across Forever, and two of her paintings grace the front and back covers of the book. When in Richmond, VA, visit her at  her space at Crossroads Art Center, Staples Mill and Broad Streets.



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