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Pocket Books
November 2004

This is a time travel story set in contemporary times and 1843 Pennsylvania. Darci Montgomery is a young woman with extraordinary psychic powers, and Jack Rose is a man with a lot of baggage, much of it related to his hatred of his father. Darci who is searching for her kidnapped husband is drawn into an F.B.I. search for Jack's missing father.

Ms. Deveraux brings in a bit of humor as Darci and Jack are transported into another era where Jack is linked to a spirit from the past. Will Darci find the lost key that will enable them to return to the 21st Century? What does she learn about her lost husband in the rural world of the 19th Century?

This is part of a trilogy, so a reader unfamiliar with characters from other books may be confused at some points in this story.
Monti Sikes,


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