Avon Romance

How many of us have wondered where is he now? Fifteen years ago beautiful Jeanne Claire Cassiday and popular Nate Donneli were high school sweethearts. Hoping to become an architect, Nate won a scholarship to a well-known college and Jeanne Clair was headed for a promising future. Everyone expected Nate and Jeanne Claire to marry, but life intervened. During the first months of college Jeanne Claire received a letter from Nate breaking off their relationship. Over the years, through a bad marriage, she has never gotten over the hurt. Now, Jeanne Claire and her friend Tamara are on a high school reunion committee, and all the old hurt resurfaces. Why did Nate jilt her?

Jeanne Claire must overcome her feelings and contact Nate to be the reunion speaker. After all he was the student with the most promise and the biggest dream. To find out Nate's address, she places a call to his father's business. But instead of getting his father, she gets Nate. As the story unravels, she discovers Nate never finished his first year of college. His father died suddenly and he was left with the responsibility of caring for his mother and younger brothers. To complicate matters he married a woman he didn't love who was pregnant with his child. She did not want a baby, so Nate was left alone to raise his daughter, now a teenager. Jeanne Claire has not realized her dreams either. She has come back home to rescue her non-business savvy father who own Oz, a hotel property on the brink of bankruptcy.

Someone is stealing money from Nate's business, and he suspects one of his brothers. Jeanne Clair volunteers to look at his books to help. She comes to realize she still loves Nate. He broke off their relationship because he did not want to burden her with his family situation. She does not understand why he did not trust her enough to tell her. During the story she discovers she must deal with a jealous teenager as well as her business-dependent father. She also has an ex-boyfriend who won't take no for an answer. He is a man her father wants her to marry because he can bail out the failing business. Through these trials Jeanne Clair overcomes her own lack of self-confidence and learns to take over her life. She and Nate come to realize there are second chances and dreams can come true.

Jennifer Greene does an outstanding job with her descriptions of antique cars. From the first page she gives them the attributes of women and leaves no doubt in the reader's mind why men fall in love with these shiny beauties.
Monti Sikes, ReaderToReader.com




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