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Can Lacie O'Neill overcome all the emotional burdens placed in her life? At the age of 13 she witnesses her mother's murder. Then years later she learns her saintly mother had a dark side that she may be emulating. After all, she is attracted to "bad boys" and steers clear of lasting relationships.

Now the man who murdered her mother is up for parole, and Lacie's family is trying to keep him in prison. Then a stranger who is not at all the "bad boy" type comes into her life and attempts to guide her into forgiveness. To further complicate Lacie's existence, her best friend from childhood dies in a car crash, leaving an 11-year-old daughter in her care. Mackenzie, uprooted from her friends in Arizona to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, resents Lacie. She also brings back to Lacie the issue of who her father really is. Lacie believes Mackenzie's father is a "bad boy" she knew years earlier when she was a young teenager. She is compelled to let Bobby know about Mackenzie, and then she finds herself attracted to him once again. Has Bobby really conquered his "bad boy" traits? Lacie can't help but have her doubts.

Ms. Chamberlain does a magnificent job of weaving together the complicated stories of all the people whose lives were touched by a murder that happened more than 12 years earlier. Besides the Outer Banks, the book also features the scenic setting of the San Diego-La Jolla area of southern California. The old lighthouse to which Lacie sometimes retreats is like another character in the book.

This is a story of forgiveness and most of all the acceptance of responsibility on many levels. A page-turner, Her Mother's Shadow has many different and subtle lessons for the reader.
Monti Sikes,




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