By Mary Montague Sikes




Carolinas On My Mind�                                                           ASU Travel Guide

�The Arresting Ambiance of Antigua�                                  Accent

                                                                                                              The Electroscene

�Rose Hall � Jamaica�s Haunted House�                              BWIA Sunjet

JamaicaLand of Enchantment and Romance�              BWIA Sunjet

Antigua History and Archaeology�                                       Southern Boating

�A Taste of St Maarten�                                                              BWIA Caribbean Beat

Heidelberg has charmed romantics for centuries�         Miami Herald

�Ancient Mexican city yields its secrets�                             Buffalo News

�Sweet taste of the past on Antigua�                                     Buffalo News

Antigua: Is more than just tropical beaches�                    The Sun, Lowell, Mass. 

Jamaica � Where the livin� is easy and ��                       Chronicle-Telegram

Antigua�                                                                                        Chronicle-Telegram

Toronto�                                                                                        Chronicle-Telegram

�Deerhurst Resort: Ontario�s comfortable tradition�      Chronicle-Telegram

�Grab suntan oil, French book for Guadeloupe�              Chronicle-Telegram

San Francisco: Bring your walking shoes�                        Chronicle-Telegram

�Jerome: The �wickedest town� ��                                       Chronicle-Telegram

Fla. Panhandle resort caters to every whim�                   Chronicle-Telegram

�Fame, long life, fortune stayed here�                                 Chronicle-Telegram

�The tranquil island: Hilton Head�                                      Chronicle-Telegram

Jamaica: �Fairest the eyes have beheld�                           Chronicle-Telegram

Virginia mansions have spirit(s)�                                       Chronicle-Telegram

�Harper�s Ferry�                                                                         Chronicle-Telegram

Palenque: Once, it was red�                                                 Chronicle-Telegram

Jamaica opens its hands to tourists�                                  The Richmond News Leader


Gardening photo � cover                                                           Pleasant Living

Mexican waterfall  photo � inside cover                              Venture Inward

Half Moon Bay Hotel photo                                                     The Antiguan

Clouds Restaurant photo                                                           The Antiguan







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