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Winds brush thick jungle leaves
In the mist rocky fa�ades glow
The air sighs with sounds of the past
And ancient Mayan whispers blow.





When I first saw the Mayan ruins at
Palenque, the sight of gray stone structures rising in the mist held me in awe. In the jungle quiet my imagination ran wild. I walked as if caught up in a dream where ghostly shadows rise from dark corners. Even the rocks held strange images, and sounds sighed like ancient voices crying from the sprawling, broken buildings. Mountains of heavy foliage reached out from the hiding places of the long-lost edifices now being uncovered and revealed.

Across a broad expanse of green grasses, the Temple of the Inscriptions rose as the focal point for visitors to the long-lost ruins. I could not resist the call to record the amazing sight of this structure. Many other images beckoned me and urged a painterly description of rocky broken ledges and ancient portals. These paintings became the beginning of my Mayan Ruins series.

                                                                     Mary Montague Sikes 


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