Eagle Rising


Sedona, Arizona is another destination that Mary Montague Sikes discovered a few years ago. She was so delighted with this destination that she has returned there again and again. Because of the glorious Red Rock country and the history of the Indian tribes, Sedona is the perfect setting for her novel, Eagle Rising. In this book, the heroine, Rachael Barker, helps solve the mysterious disappearance of a popular novelist who is leading a seminar in the desert community. All the while, she faces danger from those who want to steal her map that shows the location of a long-lost gold mine. As Rachel struggles with the loss of her fiancé, she learns how to turn her life in a new direction and how to accept a new relationship in her life.

Because of Sikes’ fascination with exotic destinations, her publisher, Oak Tree Books, has created "The Passenger to Paradise” series for her books. Sikes plans future novels, set in the Bahamas, Sint Maarten, and Guadeloupe. All will feature adventures she experienced on trips to these islands, and they will all have happy endings.


EAGLE RISING - Take a journey with award-winning author Mary Montague Sikes to the scenic Red Rock Country of Sedona, Arizona. Let the story of Rachael and a love that survives death keep you turning the pages of this beautiful novel that touches on New Age ideas

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